Welcome to Ballroom Dance Camp

August 4thst - August 9th, 2019
Warwick, Rhode Island
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Welcome to Ballroom Vermont

Dance Camp for Grownups

Discover the fabulous Ballroom Dance Camp vacation. Created by the same people who have brought to you the highly successful Jazz Vermont since 1984, Ballroom Dance Camp promises to be an experience both entertaining and memorable. Request a free brochure today!

What's Different?
There are several big differences in Ballroom Dance Camp when compared to other dance camps and weekends. One difference in our camp is that we keep our male to female ratio even so everyone has a partner to dance with. There is never a class with 40 women and 8 men! Ballroom dancing is a two person activity and it is important to be able to dance the material with a partner!
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So many dance workshop weekends have wonderful teachers, but the clients only see the material once, usually for one hour. They then move on to another class, another topic and never or rarely get a chance to review the material. In fact, most of the time the current class wipes away the learning of the previous class and the clients go home exposed to the material, but unable to carry much of it back to their regular dance facilities.
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One of the most exciting parts of Ballroom Dance Camp takes place in the afternoons, Monday through Thursday at camp. Each dance level meets to work on a particular dance for an extra hour and a half. The instructor uses the material he/she is teaching in that style of dance and choreographs the material in to a routine that the class learns together and performs for the other classes on our last night at camp.
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