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IMG_9458If you have always loved dance cruises or are thinking about taking your first one, consider joining us at Ballroom Dance Camp. Ballroom Dance Camp is in its 20th season and offers many of the same benefits as a dance cruise. We are experienced in the art of providing an excellent ballroom dance vacation and our tried and true format has served many dancers over the past 19 years.

Ballroom Dance Camp is a fun filled dance experience for people of all dance levels. On many dance cruises, dance floor space is limited and dancers of all levels are in the same workshops and classes. At Ballroom Dance Camp, we have five different levels of classes, so none of our participants are held back or pushed beyond their ability. There is also the opportunity to participate in classes of one dance in one level and then to move up or down a level for other classes.

On many dance cruises, the participants make up only a small percentage of the total guests on the cruise. At Ballroom Dance Camp, we take up the majority of guest rooms at our resort. As you mill around the hotel in your free time, you are certain to be with other members of our group, making for an intimate camp experience. This closeness allows our participants to develop lasting friendships and many of our participants return to our dance camp year after year.

Ballroom Dance Camp’s unique dance camp is the perfect gift for a milestone anniversary or birthday celebration. While Ballroom Dance Camp is an ideal romantic getaway for couples, singles are at home at Ballroom Dance Camp as well. While on a traditional dance cruise the numbers of men and women may be comparable, we strive to place singles in groups with others of similar experience to create a fantastic learning environment for all. Formal group classes, the opportunity for private lessons and nightly social dancing make Ballroom Dance Camp a well rounded dance experience.

At Ballroom Dance Camp you will find a dance experience, more intense than on the average cruise. You will dance more and learn more because your instruction is not broken up by sightseeing trips. In addition to the classes you would find on a cruise, at Ballroom Dance Camp, there will be optional Repertory Rehearsals Tuesday through Thursday afternoons for those who would like to participate in a choreographed routine at the Thursday night gala to showcase what they have learned. Repertory is a great way to get to know other dancers and to solidify your skills in a specific dance!

Along with our professional Ballroom Dance Camp staff we host world champion guest artists, both as instructors and performers. In the afternoons, our Guest Artists Workshops will take you to new heights in the dances these masters specialize in. Private lessons are available with any of our staff or guest artists at various times through the week for an additional fee. There is also practice space available for your use before or after classes if you wish to work on a position or two.

Of course, you also have the opportunity for non dance activities at the hotel or in the area. Our accommodations feature lodging in the same building as practice rooms, business center, free WiFi, health and fitness center, indoor pool and more! Warwick is a beautiful city itself, with 39 miles of coastline and bountiful shopping. There are also other nearby towns including East Greenwich, Providence and Newport that can be explored by your and/or your loved ones who come to camp with you.

Come experience Ballroom Dance Camp for your next dance cruise vacation!

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