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Frequently Asked Questions about Ballroom Dance Camp

Q.  What level dancers attend Ballroom Dance Camp?

A.  Ballroom Dance Camp’s curriculum is structured to offer something to novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced ballroom dancers.

Q.  How many people will attend each session?

A.  The dance sessions are designed to accommodate 10 – 15 couples. The guest artist workshops may include all attendants, although we offer a beginner lesson in the dance while our guest artist teach for those who feel they need to begin at the beginning.

Q.  What are the repertory group sessions all about?

A.   During the repertory time slot, class members learn and rehearse a routine in a chosen dance and will perform it at the formal dance on Thursday evening.  Ballroom Dance Camp offers two repertory dances for you to choose from.  Different ability levels are available.  Participation in these sessions is optional, but encouraged as it provides an activity that allows participants to get to know and work with other camp participants.

Q.  How will I remember all that is taught at the camp?

A.  Each teaching session is followed up the next day with review lessons to help you retain the information you are learning.

Q.  What if I would like private lessons with the staff or the guest artists?

A.  There will be time each day for you to schedule private lessons with either the staff members or the guest artists.  These lessons are available at an additional cost.

Q.  What dances and styles will be taught at the camp?

A.  We are teaching American style dancing and will cover the basic dances, Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha and Swing.  We also may add in dances that our guest artists specialize in.

Q.  Do I need to bring formal attire?

A.  Yes!  Our last night together will include a semi-formal dance with tuxes and gowns.  It’s our chance to really experience the ballroom romance!

Q.  What’s included?

A.   The price includes breakfast, dinner, breaks, lodging and the program of group lessons.

Q. What’s not included?

A. Lunch, private lessons-if any, alcohol and dvd’s of the program are not included. Singles may choose to share a room with another single and save $200 off of the single price.

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