The Repertory Groups at Ballroom Dance Camp

IMG_9365One of the most exciting parts of Ballroom Dance Camp takes place in the afternoons, Monday through Thursday at camp. Each dance level meets to work on a particular dance for an extra hour and a half. The instructor uses the material he/she is teaching in that style of dance and choreographs the material in to a routine that the class learns together and performs for the other classes on our last night at camp.

This segment of the camp really helps participants to solidify the material in that particular dance. They have twice as much time in that dance to help get the movement into their bodies while at the same time getting to know their classmates and building friendships.

If this project is done back at a home studio, it usually takes months to accomplish; and when we first started it, no one thought it could be done. But every year we are amazed at what all of the classes accomplish. Every participant is truly glad they took part in it. Not only do they learn a lot; they have a blast doing it.