Why Our Classes and Camp are Effective

So many dance workshop weekends have wonderful teachers, but the clients only see the material once, usually for one hour. They then move on to another class, another topic and never or rarely get a chance to review the material. In fact, most of the time the current class wipes away the learning of the previous class and the clients go home exposed to the material, but unable to carry much of it back to their regular dance facilities.

The objective at Ballroom Dance Camp is to have the clients go home able to dance as much of the material as possible that they learn at camp. Instead of seeing one instructor for an hour and then moving on to another instructor for a new topic, the clients see the same instructor almost everyday for the same dance. This allows for repetition and follow up to help clarify understanding, solidify the material and it gives the instructor time to get to know each dancer and give individual attention when needed.

There is still a lot of material covered. It’s like packing a semester’s worth of material into one week. But being able to see the material daily increases the likelihood that the participants will take more of the material with them at the end of the week.