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What’s Different?

What’s different about Ballroom Dance Camp?

_DSC5515There are several big differences in Ballroom Dance Camp when compared to other dance camps and weekends. One difference in our camp is that we keep our male to female ratio even so everyone has a partner to dance with. There is never a class with 40 women and 8 men! Ballroom dancing is a two person activity and it is important to be able to dance the material with a partner! Another of the most obvious differences is our class sizes. We strive to have no more than 15 couples in a class. This allows the instructor the ability to get to know each couple’s dancing and then have time to give some individual time to each of them throughout the week. At Ballroom Dance Camp, the participants have the same instructor for the same dance EVERY DAY and the goal for each class is to go over the material throughout the week, not just in one session. There is follow up in each style so the participants will be able to use the material when the camp is over. The repertory segment of Ballroom Dance Camp is a very effective method of learning. Each instructor choreographs a dance to a particular piece of music using the material they are teaching in that dance. Everyone that participates in the repertory always says that they had a blast and are glad they did it! Our participants get to know each other. We have breakfast and dinner together everyday and wonderful dance friendships are made. Every year between 45 & 55 percent of our participants sign up to come back the next year. Sign in day is like a big family reunion! And the first time attendees are right at home by the end of the first day. The camp is focused on social dancing, not competition. Fun is the most important ingredient!